Are You a Good Rhinoplasty Candidate?

The nose can attract a lot of attention because of its location in the center of the face. A disproportionate or misshapen nose can seem to detract from your overall appearance. Patients who have a deviated septum (when the cartilage in the middle of the nose is off-center) can experience difficulty breathing or sinus infections in addition to a dissatisfaction with their appearance. Whether a nose is misshapen from birth or because of an accident, there are a number of different factors that determine whether you are eligible for rhinoplasty.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a medical procedure that is used to improve the appearance and proportion of the nose. Performed by plastic surgeons under general anesthesia, it can address a wide range of defects, injuries, and aesthetic issues. In most cases it is an elective surgery performed for cosmetic reasons and everyone is not an ideal rhinoplasty candidate. What makes a person eligible for this procedure?

Patient Criteria

First and most importantly, a person must be in good overall health. Dr. Franckle will not perform elective surgery if the prospective patient has a serious medical issue that might put his or her life at risk. A heart condition or blood-clotting issue are the most common reasons patients are deemed unfit candidates for a rhinoplasty. Smokers are told to refrain from smoking before the procedure and during recovery because their habit may negatively impact healing.

When dealing with a younger rhinoplasty candidate, it is imperative that facial growth is complete. We see a lot of young patients in our office and it is important to determine if the nasal bone has reached maturity so the  results of the surgery are not compromised. This happens at different ages for different patients. A consultation with Dr. Franckle is the best way to establish if your age is impacting your ability to have a rhinoplasty procedure.

Last but not least, all  surgeons must consider the mental and emotional state of potential patients. In particular, Dr. Franckle wants to be certain that you, the patient, has realistic expectations about the results of a rhinoplasty. We use 3D Imaging technology in our office to give you a better vision of what your results may look like, but it is important to remember that no surgeon can guarantee a result from a plastic surgery procedure.

Financing Your Rhinoplasty

As it is an elective procedure, many insurance providers will not cover a rhinoplasty. Paying for the procedure out of pocket may be difficult for some patients so we offer financing options through Care Credit. Our staff can help walk you through the financing options over the phone before or after visiing the office for a consultation. . If you have any additional questions about this popular procedure, give us a call!

Dr Franckle

Meet Dr. William Franckle Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

We know that you have many options when choosing a plastic surgeon. Dr. Franckle and his staff are dedicated to providing you with a caring and professional surgical experience. Time and time again our patients credit Dr. Franckle’s expertise and the kindness of our staff as the reason for choosing our practice. Dr. Franckle is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), the only board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties to certify surgeons in the practice of plastic surgery. Attention to detail, meticulous skill, and an artistic eye make Dr. Franckle an expert in such procedures as rhinoplasty (nose job), breast augmentation (breast implants), abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), facelift, and non-surgical treatments (Botox and injectable fillers).

Dr. William Franckle Testimonials

With the launch of our plastic surgery services comes some friendly new team members! Meet Devin, our lead cosmetic concierge. She’s with you from start to finish, making sure you have a 10/10 experience with us. Click our link in bio to book your *complimentary* consultation #VivaEve ...

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With the launch of our plastic surgery services comes some friendly new team members! Meet Devin, our lead cosmetic concierge. She's with you from start to finish, making sure you have a 10/10 experience with us. Click our link in bio to book your *complimentary* consultation #VivaEve ...

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Have questions about plastic surgery? We're answering. ⁠

Tune into our plastic surgery Q&A on 9/15 at 5 pm! Set a calendar reminder right here from this post, we'll see you then! #VivaEve

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A better body after a baby is possible: and we're excited to help you get it. At #VivaEve, we believe women’s health is all-encompassing, and unique to each person through all stages of womanhood. That's why we are introducing plastic surgery services. Getting back to your body shouldn’t be an uphill battle. We're offering a wide array of cutting-edge cosmetic procedures to meet your needs, led by our renowned board-certified surgeons. Make an appointment today! ...

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"If you think you have to go to a big city like NY or Miami for a top plastic surgeon, think again. Dr Franckle is an amazing surgeon and will go to great lengths to make sure you are happy with your results! I am 57 years old and had a lower facelift and fat transfer in my cheeks and couldn't be happier! Thank you so much Dr. Franckle and your wonderful staff!" - Face lift and fat transfer patient

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Breast Reduction Before and After⁠

Height: 5’0″ Weight: 126 lbs⁠
Age: 28 years old⁠
Pre Procedure Bra Size: 34DDD⁠
Post Procedure Bra Size: 34B⁠
Procedure: Bilateral reduction mammoplasty. 223 grams was removed from the left breast and 239 grams was removed from the right breast.⁠

This patient visited our office with a grade 3 ptosis, her nipple was falling well below the natural fold of the breast. She was also experiencing back, neck and shoulder pain due to the size of her breasts.⁠

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