Is Body Jet Lipo As Effective As Traditional Liposuction?

In the world of liposuction, fat cell removal procedures have advanced tremendously over the last few decades. Among these innovations is body jet lipo, a gentle yet effective alternative to traditional liposuction for stubborn fat removal and body contouring.

Traditional Liposuction

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For more than 30 years, liposuction has proven to be a safe and effective way to contour the body by removing fat cells from beneath the skin. This treatment is often recommended for individuals unable to shed stubborn fat pockets with diet and exercise. In a traditional liposuction procedure, a tumescent solution is first injected into the body to minimize bleeding and discomfort. From there, Dr. Franckle uses a small, hollow tube known as a cannula to suction off unwanted fat cells and contour a slimmer body. While this way of removing fat cells is safe and effective, it can be stressful on the body.

Body Jet Lipo

Alternatively, body jet liposuction is a treatment that employs a stream of pressurized water to loosen and detach the pockets of fat cells. Local or general anesthesia reduces any discomfort as the gentle flow of water helps preserve surrounding connective tissues during the removal of the fat cells. Preserving this surrounding tissue helps to reduce swelling and bruising while promoting faster healing.

Ideal Candidates for Body Jet Lipo

Body jet liposuction is recommended for individuals needing to lose a small amount of fat from certain areas of the body. When a person is approaching his or her target weight, this procedure can eliminate lingering fat cells and help create the desired body shape.

Advantages of Body Jet Lipo

Body jet liposuction has shown success in treating the outer and inner thighs, ankles, knees, hips, flanks, stomach, arms, neck, and jowls. An added benefit of this procedure is that patients can usually resume normal activities immediately following the procedure. However, for the most optimal results, Dr. Franckle often recommends this treatment combined with other body contouring procedures, depending on the unique goals and needs of the patient.

As liposuction and its applications have improved over the decades, so too have the less-invasive techniques such as body jet lipo. The best way to discuss your goals and potential fat reduction procedures is to visit a board-certified plastic surgeon like William Franckle, MD, FACS. Please call 856-772-6500 or fill out our contact form for an appointment.

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