Double Eyelids vs. Monolids

Everyone’s eyelid shape is unique, with varying sizes, shapes, and skin elasticity. There’s no reason to think one eyelid shape is superior to another, but each type can pose different challenges when it comes to applying makeup and reducing the signs of aging. Learn the difference between double eyelids and monolids and how cosmetic procedures can help maintain a more youthful appearance.

What Are Monolids?

Monolids, or epicanthic folds, describe an eyelid shape that doesn’t contain a crease between the brow area and eyelashes. This feature is commonly found in people with East Asian ancestry and has also been observed in other ethnicities. Some people with larger eyelid hoods can appear to have monolids, and these are known as hooded monolids. Sometimes people confuse monolids with ptosis, which is a condition characterized by drooping of the upper eyelid. However, these terms are not directly related. Though monolids are less common in the Western world, they are completely natural and do not reflect any sort of health issue.

What Are Double Eyelids?

Double eyelids are characterized by the presence of a supratarsal eye crease. The division of the eyelid into two sections is why this shape is called a double eyelid. In general, double eyelids tend to look heavier than monolids. Double eyelids also tend to offer a larger canvas for eye makeup, allowing for popular makeup looks like the “cut crease.”

Benefits of an Eyelid Lift Procedure

An eyelid lift can help address deflated, sagging eyelid skin that loses volume over time. Also, this procedure can help people with monolids achieve an eyelid crease if they prefer having one for aesthetic reasons.

Before choosing to undergo this or any other surgical procedure, potential patients should be nonsmokers who are in good overall health with no life-threatening illnesses or medical conditions. In addition, candidates should have healthy, realistic goals for their surgery.

William Franckle, MD, FACS has helped patients across South Jersey achieve eyelids that appear more youthful and aligned with their desired shape. As a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Franckle is a knowledgeable practitioner who can offer guidance and expertise during your cosmetic journey. Request an in-office consultation at our location in Voorhees, NJ to speak with Dr. Franckle about your aesthetic goals.

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We know that you have many options when choosing a plastic surgeon. Dr. Franckle and his staff are dedicated to providing you with a caring and professional surgical experience. Time and time again our patients credit Dr. Franckle’s expertise and the kindness of our staff as the reason for choosing our practice. Dr. Franckle is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), the only board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties to certify surgeons in the practice of plastic surgery. Attention to detail, meticulous skill, and an artistic eye make Dr. Franckle an expert in such procedures as rhinoplasty (nose job), breast augmentation (breast implants), abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), facelift, and non-surgical treatments (Botox and injectable fillers).

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