Three Tips for Protecting Your Breasts During Exercise

With the growing popularity of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) programs, we are hearing more and more from our female patients questions on how to protect their breasts during exercise. The pectoral muscles, located deep within the breast tissue, are a very sensitive area with limited natural support and protection when you are exercising. Common breast injuries during physical activity include the stretching of the Cooper’s ligament supporting the breast, contusions, trauma caused by bouncing or impact, and abrasions affecting the nipple. You can help shield this area from injury during your running or sports regimen with these three tips.

Wear a Properly Fitted Sports Bra

Always look for a sports bra that fits you correctly without uncomfortable compression of the breasts or a lot of strain on the shoulders. For martial arts and high-impact sports, molded plastic cups and lightweight chest shields provide the best protection. The ideal under garment should prevent both horizontal and vertical breast movement while jumping and jogging. The cups should completely encase the breasts, while the straps should be wide and padded to offer additional support and comfort. Make sure underwire bras fit correctly to prevent abrasions caused by the wires. Sweat-wicking material can help prevent rashes and skin irritation.

Sports bras should be replaced frequently. With months of wear, the elastic becomes stretched and is no longer able to support the breasts effectively.

Practice Good Posture

While your posture doesn’t effect your breasts directly, a good posture will keep the chest lifted. If you don’t stand up straight, stress is placed on the spine along with the back and neck muscles. Check your posture when you are engaged in physical activity and even when you are sitting or standing at rest. The shoulders should be back, the spine erect, and the head held high.

Shield the Nipples

When running or jogging, the nipples can become sore and even crack or bleed due to friction. You can prevent this type of injury by covering the nipples with zinc oxide tape or a thin layer of petroleum jelly before you put on your sports bra.

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