What is Botox Cosmetic? And how will it help me?

You can’t turn the page of a magazine these days without seeing some mention of Botox. It is one of the most popular treatments in my practice and in some ways one of the most misunderstood. Many patients think Botox will erase all of the wrinkles on your face. For some areas it will help, but for others, an injectable filler or fat grafting may be the best option. But we are getting ahead of ourselves let’s keep our attention on the treatment at hand: Botox.

First things first…What IS Botox?

Botox is a botulinum toxin, which sounds scary, but without getting too techincal, it is a natural occuring protein used in medications. Botox Cosmetic uses a very small dose of botulinum toxin injected directly into certain facial muscles to block nerve impulses, reducing muscle activity.

Let’s make that even easier to understand: remember when you were a child and your parents told you to stop making funny faces or your face will stick that way? Well that is what is happening to certain muscles on your face. When those muscles contract the skin folds, causing temporary wrinkles.  After years of contracting those muscles, that overlying skin does not bounce back to where it should be.  Instead, those skin folds (wrinkles) become a permanent fix on your face. Botox injected into those muscles will reduce the contractions and in turn temporarily prevent those skin folds from forming.

Great! So, where can I use it?

Botox is FDA approved to temporarily treat the wrinkles in the glabellar area (between your eyebrows). The forehead and crow’s feet are two other popular areas.

How many treatments will I need?

It is important to know that Botox is not a permanent solution. Botox injections temporarily reduce muscle activity. Most patients will come to see me every 3-4 months.

And what about cost?

This may not be the answer you are looking for but every patient is going to be different. Botox is sold by the unit and different patients require different amounts.  Your best bet is to visit my office for a consultation. When I see you in person I can let you know how many units you will need.  Just so you have a general idea, I would say treatments generally range from $300-$450.

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