What’s the Difference Between Breast Augmentation and a Breast Lift?

While both a breast lift and breast augmentation can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, these procedures are quite different from one another. Those who want to enhance the size and fullness of the breasts should explore a breast augmentation procedure while those experiencing sagging may look toward a breast lift as to fulfill their needs.

The Benefits of Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation procedure involves the placement of saline or silicone implants either over or beneath the chest muscles to increase the volume of the breasts, making them larger and shapelier. The breast augmentation procedure has approval from the Food and Drug Administration for healthy patients ages 18 and older for saline implants or ages 22 and older for silicone implants. Breast augmentation is appropriate for women whose primary goal is an increase in breast size or volume. Often, women opt for this procedure to fill out this area after weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding or those with a naturally small chest. Augmentation can also enhance the symmetry of the breasts.

The Advantages of a Breast Lift

Often, women find that their breasts sag after pregnancy, when they have lost weight, or simply with age. During a breast lift procedure, Dr. Franckle works with the patient’s natural breast tissue to lift and tighten the skin, fat, and muscles in this area. This can improve sagging, correct asymmetry, and create a smoother contour. Breast lifts are popular among women who have full natural breast tissue but want a more youthful appearance. Breast augmentation and lifts can be performed together for women who desire a larger cup size and are experiencing sagging of the breasts.

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